Seis Vecinos

is an authentic Central American & Mexican Restaurant located in the heart of the South Bronx. Originally opened in 2012 we have moved to a larger renovated space to accommodate for our growing demand. If you are craving some baleadas, pupusas and fresh guacamole made at your table side then visit our newly renovated and intimate location for a truly unique experience!

Why Seis Vecinos?

Seis Vecinos (translated from Spanish: Six Neighbors) represents the cluster of countries located in the Central American region. At Seis Vecinos Restaurant we proudly offer the fine traditional cuisine that is of these respective Central American countries including Mexico.
- Hecho a mano

People are Everything 

Of Honduran and Mexican decent - we have brought our creative blending of diverse ingredients and tradition - with intention of being a unique culinary staple in The Beautiful Bronx - which we now call home.

Made by hand with Love

At Seis Vecinos we strive to serve quality dishes and flavors that remind us of our roots and to never forget that.

"Yes, they could learn a thing or two from the cooks down at Seis Vecinos, who make fat, deliciously chewy flour tortillas to order, and start from scratch."     - Serious Eats

"Excelente!!! he disfrutado a lo mejor, buena comida y buena atención. 👍" - Mirna Torres